Christoph Rossmy

Study of osteopathic medicine. Became Dean of the Marl College of Applied Osteopathy, heading up a team of international lecturers. In 2003 Begins Fascial Distortion Model (FDM) training and visits with S. Typaldos, D.O. Clinical study “Treatment of a shoulder showing abduction pain using the Fascial Distortion Model” under the tutelage of S. Typaldos, D.O. In 2007 Certification as FDM instructor at the International FDM Congress in Hawaii.
Founding member of the European FDM Association (EFDMA).
Co-founder of the Typaldos Academy, together with C. Stein, M.D. Active as FDM lecturer and instructor in Germany, Austria, France, Poland and Japan.

Cursos impartidos