Sean Gibbons

Sean Gibbons graduated from Manchester University in 1995. He shares his time between clinical practice, teaching and research. He has been rehabilitating movement for his whole career and has closely looked at the underlying mechanisms as to why movement is altered. Primitive reflexes (PR) play an important role in this. He has identified new PR, and researched and developed clinically relevant interventions. His PhD was on the development of a prescriptive clinical prediction rule for specific motor control exercises in low back pain. Key new sub-classifications were identified: neurocognitive, sensory motor function which is related to extremely poor movement and the ability to learn; body image pain and neuroimmune-endocrine dys-regulation. His current work aims to further validate the sub-classification model. He has presented his research at national and international conferences and has several journal publications and book chapters on related topics. He is an associate researcher at MUN and is part of the teaching faculty at McMaster’s Advanced Orthopaedic Musculoskleletal/Manipulative Physiotherapy Specialization