Understand and Explain Pain by Lorimer Moseley



Join Lorimer Moseley and his guests for this first ever global Pain MasterSession – a massive 16.5 hours of cutting-edge pain science and clinical application with 4 of the world’s pain super stars. It’s going to be incredible!

We would like to officially announce that we are taking the Lorimer Moseley event online in a live, interactive and first of its kind Master Session.

Lorimer will present his original course across 3 sessions and in addition to this we have scheduled in 5 hours of extra content and some (very) special guests.

It’s unique event to ensure that it is going to be something new, something different, something exciting, all rolled into a dynamic, engaging, supercharged, value boosted three days (yes, we are pretty excited about this!).

The overall learning hours have been increased, and the live, online format has allowed us to invite some of Lorimer’s great friends to join him in providing you with the best pain science education experience you’ll have all year.

Joining Lorimer ‘on the couch’ will be three internationally respected and influential experts in pain – Professor Mark Hutchinson, Associate Professor Tasha Stanton and Adjunct Professor David Butler

You will still receive the full Lorimer course as he intended to deliver in person, but on top of this Lorimer’s guests will join him for in depth discussions – from Mark’s research on what technologies are just over the horizon for pain care, Tasha’s latest osteoarthritis treatment studies and David’s thoughts on how to change people’s beliefs.

Further special features are planned, including extra drop-through guests, live audience Q&A sessions and LOTS of interaction. It’s going to be a jam-packed three days with some of the world’s brightest minds in pain science

“What we know now about persistent pain puts recovery back on the table. We need to flip our understanding of what pain is; re-think, re-engage and recover” – Professor Lorimer Moseley.

‘What we know now about persistent pain puts recovery right back on the table ‘ – Professor Lorimer Moseley.

It is taught in English 

Datos del curso

DURACIÓN: 16’5 horas
DIRIGIDO A: Fisioterapeutas
FORMATO: ONLINE LIVE (Streaming en directo)


25, 26 y 27 de Junio de 2021


3 días por la mañana de 09:00 a 14:30 h

Precios y matrícula del curso

 Precio: 520€


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Lorimer Moseley

Lorimer draws on over 30 years of clinical pain research and practice to lead you on a journey through the conceptual underpinnings of modern pain rehabilitation, cutting edge pain-related cognitive and clinical neuroscience, critical pain-related thinking, clinical reasoning and treatment principles…  (Ver +)


Three of the world’s pain superstars join Lorimer Moseley to discuss the future of pain care.

Mark Hutchinson

Mark Hutchinson

on the fundamental science, how cellular and molecular evidence can change the pain experience and what is just over the horizon in terms of technologies and our understanding of persistent pain… (Ver +)

Tasha Stanton

Tasha Stanton

on understanding why people have pain and why sometimes it doesn’t go away, looking at how we can treat osteo-arthritis in better and new ways. (Ver +)

David Butler

David Butler

on education, vaccinations, conspiracy theories and how hard it is to change people’s beliefs. (Ver +)


  • Massively increase your knowledge of pain biology
  • Improve your ability to integrate this into your assessment and management of anyone in pain
  • Gain an insight into the future of pain research, science and care
  • Learn from some of the brightest minds in pain science in the world today

The Master Session

What we know now about persistent pain puts recovery right back on the table.

Lorimer Moseley is one of the most highly regarded and sought-after pain experts on the planet today. He draws on over 30 years of clinical pain research and practice to lead you on a journey through the latest discoveries in modern pain rehabilitation.

Pain science and treatment is a fast-moving field. Discoveries from across the fundamental and applied sciences open up new and exciting opportunities for improving outcomes for those at risk of, or challenged by, persisting pain.

We love getting the science to the people who can use it the most – clinicians at the coal face.

This MasterSession will bring discoveries in pain science to life in a clinically applicable way. Contemporary learning principles and techniques will be used to guide participants through how we think, what we think, how we can optimise the impact of educational strategies and how we can use the same techniques to enhance our own discovery, capacity and wellbeing as clinicians.


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